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Y’s Owl Maclure Co-operative Centre continues to operate as a co-op and people may be full voting members of the co-op or associate members. The people supported by Y’s Owl Maclure in its heritage programs are considered full voting members and other individuals, generally family members are able to purchase associate memberships for a fee. Membership entitles people to vote on matters of importance to the organization and encourages participation at the Board level thereby allowing members to give back to the organization and help secure its future in the ever changing milieu of the human services field.

Y’s Owl Maclure continues to provide support on site with the Life Skills Training Centre and the L.I.N.E.S. Program. Supported Employment, Foundations and Outreach continue to be sought after programs in the community and each still enjoys successes on a regular basis.

The agency receives annualized funding from the provincial Ministry of Community and Social Services. Access to our regular funded supports and services as mentioned, is obtained through Developmental Services Ontario, Eastern Region. Individuals and families may also purchase service using Passport or private funds depending on the availability of the service requested.

With the introduction of Passport funding, Y’s Owl Maclure has branched out to provide additional services to youth and young adults on the Autism Spectrum. See the link to our Autism Services website for more information. Allowing families to purchase service using Passport or private funds has opened endless opportunities for people, families and agencies alike.

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