Owl Employment is a comprehensive Supported Employment Program that supports people with disabilities find and maintain paid employment, internships and/or work experience in their community. Each person supported receives one-on-one job search assistance, including resume/cover letter writing, and interview preparation. People’s interests, needs, goals and skills are identified to ensure a good match.

Once an individual has secured a position the Job Coach will develop a training strategy that is most suitable for the employee and the position. The Job Coach will actively train the person on the job and remain available to the employer as an ongoing resource during this process. As the person becomes more confident in their position, the Job Coach will fade out their involvement to promote independence and integration but will maintain contact to ensure a positive long term relationship for both the employee and the employer.

Referrals to the program are received from Developmental Service Ontario-Eastern Region for funded vacancies. Individuals and families may also purchase service using Passport or private funds depending on availability.

For further information please call 613-721-1500 ext. 219 or email suzanne@ysowlmaclure.org


We found the Owl Employment Program was the only program that offered support to both the employee and the employer.
This support put us entirely at ease with the process of hiring and training.
Statistics Canada

You take a very small thing and you help someone do big things for themselves.


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